This overview will help you understand what is involved so you are prepared to begin the process of your divorce with the help of Express Legal Help Center.


The Role Of Express Legal Help Center In Your Divorce

One of the difficult moments is over; you have decided to get a divorce. There may be more difficult times ahead but this part doesn’t have to be one of them. You have chosen the service of Express Legal Help Center to prepare all of your divorce documents and the tools we provide you can make your responsibility of providing us the information we need to complete your forms easier. Our role is to provide you with the necessary documents to navigate your case through the divorce process and in order to do this we need you to supply us with the information requested. We can only get the job done if you have given us the information we need.


What Express Legal Help Center Will Need From You

Your responsibility will be to complete the questionnaires or “workbooks” provided to you so that Express Legal Help Center has the necessary information to complete this process for you. We use these easy to complete workbooks to gather the information we need to prepare your documents in the appropriate court format. These workbooks will walk you through providing us the decisions you have made about whatever applies to your particular situation, including:

  •           • The division of assets and debts acquired throughout the marriage;
  •           • Custody and visitation of minor children;
  •           • Child support; and
  •           • Whether there will be spousal support, and if so, how much and for how long.

Some of the workbooks include, but are not limited to:

  •           • Request for Divorce/Legal Separation
  •           • Preliminary Disclosure
  •           • Division of Assets/Debts Workbooks
  •           • Visitation Workbook (if applicable)
  •           • Fee Waiver Workbook (if requested)

We will also provide you with a checklist or step by step guide so that you will remain organized and informed as to the divorce procedure and what is required of you and when. 

We make the process simple and affordable. Contact us today for a free consultation.